Monday, 26 January 2009

Intro ...

It’s an old theme, and no doubt my choices will be much contested, but this is a positive spin on the do-this-before-you-die lists (‘before you die’ is so negative) and one that I hope is more diverse than most – incorporating not only the well known but also the very little known.

The twentieth century gave birth to the democratisation of art, and this is a celebration of that turning moment: when Jazz was incorporated and accepted by a ‘high-brow’ crowd (Gershwin, perhaps), and when rock’n’roll and the blues gave birth to almost everything we listen to today.

Music success seems so often to be to be based on how much money the record business gives an act to publicise itself: this doesn’t mean it’s good, it just means they’ve got some wallets behind them. However, it doesn’t mean it’s bad either. So, I’ll try to incorporate everything I know and learn about on the way with as little prejudice that I can muster.

Except for electronic music. Apart from Squarepusher.

This blog will take in pop music, rock’n’roll, grindcore, soul, rockabilly, funk, jazz, hard rock, heavy metal, hip hop, indie, country music, hardcore, bluegrass, punk, jazzcore,

Updated every Monday morning.

Yes, if anybody reads this: it is an ego trip.

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